In Care Of by Fang’s Fawn (Harry Potter)


In Care Of by Fang’s Fawn  is a new favourite, in fact one I just finished minutes ago. It is already one of my favourite HP fanfics (favourite stories of any kind, in fact), with an amazing take on Snape, Harry and Dumbledore. It has a great summary that says pretty much everything:

During the summer before sixth year, Harry finds an injured bat in the garden and decides to try to heal it…and an unwilling Snape learns just what kind of a person Harry Potter really is. No slash.

That’s pretty much it. Snape is taking turns watching over Harry with the rest of the order when Harry leaves the safe wards of the Dursley’s home. He gets injured and Harry nurses him back to health, all the time seeing him only in his fruit bat animagus form.

Harry pours to his soul to the animal, and Snape cannot help but grow fond of him, and in a way, befriend him. Intimate emotional bonding of former enemies is just so much easier when one thinks he is talking to an animal and the other can neither flee nor speak! 😀 Dumbledore comes into play later on, and all of them are characterized amazingly.

Highly recommended. ❤ Bring tissues and prepare to be unable to hold lots of feels :D.

Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship/Bonding, Alternate Universe

Read my full review minus some spoilers after the cut. If you are okay with the spoilers (this story is so much about characters and not that much about the plot), read my original review at

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Beloved by Guardian Enzo (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit)


Beloved by GuardianEnzo (known for his excellent anime blog) is, simply said, one of my very favourite fanfics of all time.

It is a continuation of the anime series and book Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (it technically happens after the second book, but I did only watch the series and nothing flew over my head at all.)

At the end of the anime series, Balsa and Chagum had to part. This story takes place two years after that. Both miss each other and the adventure they had together terrible. Chagum is very lonely, his father the Emperor (Mikado) shows him no love, no one but the loyal Star-Diviner Shuga is there for him and the Royal Palace feels like a tomb.

The Mikado goes powermad and is getting more and more frustrated with Chagum, who criticizes his cruel policies. Thus, Balsa has to save Chagum again.

Great squishy parental/mentor bonding ensues.

This one is really character-heavy. The plot is basically an excuse to bring our favourite characters back together an develop their relationships. I eat this stuff up! 😀 If you prefer plot-heavy ones, try it and decide for yourself. (You may love it nonetheless, it’s that good!)

Genres: Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Mentorship, Parent-Child-Relationship

Read my full review minus some spoilers after the cut. If you want to be majorly spoiled, read my original review at

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Hello everyone! First introduction ^^


Hi guys,

I am MaxManuka and this is my freshly created blog :D. I am a long-time avid fanfic reader/devourer/relisher and I’d like to share this love here by reposting and enhancing my fanfic reviews from various sites and recommending y’all fanfics.

I am a bookworm ever since childhood. Recently, I got myself a Kindle and this reinvigorated my reading immensely. I am not just reading more books but also more fanfics! 🙂

I’ve always loved to write reviews and even more go get replies to them. I even had authors thank me for motivating them to write more which is such an honour, to be able to pay back at least some of what I gained from reading their stories. 😀

My reviews are mostly gushing and emotional, and I like it that way. 😛 Optimally I write them immediately after finishing the chapter/story, in one go. That’s when I am the most inspired by the story I just read.

Anyway, I’ve written a lot of reviews and I don’t like the fact that the only one that can see my review list on is me. Everyone can see my favs, but my reviews have to be googled. Lame!

So I figured I’d do a blog to share my reviews, just like others do book review blogs, only this one will be for fanfics and other fanworks first and foremost. Just like the creators of AO3, I consider fanfics to be transformative works and as worthy and valuable as any canonical classical book, if not more so :P.

So over the next few days I will post the first reviews here (enhanced with some plot summaries etc. so that they are useful and understandable to you, nit just the authors I originally wrote them to) and learn how this whole wordpress thing works. Feel free to comment, and please be excellent and kind to each other in the discussions. 🙂

I shall find out how to promote my blog too, so that people actually read it … Scary, somewhat, but we’ll see :D.

This is it for now,

MaxManuka out! 🙂